Can I connect multiple extension tubes that came in the box to get a longer hanging length?

No, only a single extension tube can be used to hang your Haiku fan. The tubes are interchangeable on the fan, but cannot be connected.

  • Haiku, Haiku I Series: Universal mount fans include 20- and 32-inch extension tubes. A Tall Ceiling Kit that includes 48- and 60-inch extension tubes is available and can be purchased here.
  • Haiku L: 6- and 12-inch extension tubes are included with Haiku L fans. Optional lengths can be purchased and are packaged separately. The maximum length is 64 inches.

If you have a Low Profile or Standard Mount, the extension tubes cannot be changed. If your fan requires a different mount type, the fan must be exchanged. 

This applies to these products: Haiku Haiku I Series Haiku L

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