Amazon Alexa: Alexa isn’t discovering my Haiku Fans or Lights. What do I do?

In order for Alexa to discover Haiku devices, the Alexa skill must be linked to your Haiku account, and your Haiku devices must be claimed under the associated Haiku account.

  • Tap and select Smart Home Integration from the menu. Scroll down to My Haiku Devices. The devices listed here should be discovered by Alexa.
  • Any device with a + next to its name is unclaimed and will not be discovered by Alexa.
  • Tap the + to claim the device under your Haiku account, wait a few minutes, and ask Alexa to discover your devices again.

When enabling the Haiku skill in the Alexa app, you must link the skill to your Haiku account using the same email address and password you use in the Haiku app.

This applies to these products: Haiku Haiku I Series Haiku L Haiku Light

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