All of my fans are disconnected from BAFWorks.

If fans are marked with a red “X,” then the system is not able to connect to them.

To determine connection status, check the indicator light (C) at the bottom left of the screen.

If the indicator light is green, the fan is running and communicating with BAFWorks.

If the indicator light is yellow, the fan is communicating with BAFWorks, but has faulted. See the Installation Guide for details on fan fault messages. Make sure all fans are being supplied with power from the breaker panel.

If the indicator light is red, the fan is not communicating with BAFWorks and its status is unknown.

If the indicator light is gray, the fan might not be connected to the correct Wi-Fi network. In this case, press the physical “Home” button on the iPad. Open the Settings menu, and select “Wi-Fi.” Connect to the network “BAFWorks,” then reopen the app.

This applies to these products: BAFWorks

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