Horse and Owner’s Unseen Enemy

Dedicated horsemen and women pride themselves on safe, clean, well-run barns and facilities where horses and riders can thrive. However, maintaining high health and comfort standards in enclosed areas where horses are trained and stabled can prove challenging amid a host of common problems—including a lack of airflow. Though not apparent at first glance, it impacts all occupants with a range of problems: heat stress, fatigue, airway inflammation, lingering odors, and constant harassment from pests.

Without adequate airflow, these spaces grow hot and stagnant, leaving sweaty horses to breathe in allergens from dusty hay and bedding, as well as odors and bacteria from waste. These stressful conditions sap animals’ strength and vitality, impairing their motivation and performance.

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Making a Clean Sweep with Big Ass Fans’ Airflow

Air-conditioning large, partially-exposed spaces isn’t feasible, making natural, effective air movement the best solution to these problems. Elevated air speed increases the rate of evaporation of sweat and assists the natural cooling process for both horses and humans, producing a cooling effect of up to 10 °F (5.6 °C) and preventing heat stress.

Engineered for powerful, long-lasting performance, Big Ass Fans bring cool relief to horses, workers, and guests, and their quiet, variable-speed operation creates comfort without distraction. With a variety of sizes and mounting options, our products fit virtually any space; they’re also loved by facility managers tired of replacing shoddy box and pedestal fans that lack power and clutter the floor.

With Big Ass Fans, arenas are more comfortable, allowing for longer, more productive rides with horses that are more relaxed and focused. In stables, our overhead and directional fans transform stagnant, restrictive spaces into those that better simulate natural conditions. The improved air circulation sweeps away odors from ammonia and waste as well as moisture and particulates, reducing the incidence of respiratory illness and keeping horses fit for training; moreover, the powerful breeze deters birds and insects from nesting and bothering occupants.

Big Ass Fans’ LED fixtures further improve equine environments by improving riders’ and spectators’ visibility in arenas and creating a more engaging experience. With increased light levels in stalls and aisles, grooms and vets can more clearly evaluate horses.

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When you invest in your people’s comfort, you expect to see results. With SpecLab™, proof comes before you purchase. Using Big Ass Fans’ proprietary, patent-pending CFD software, our experts will conduct a 3D airflow analysis of your space and build a precise custom solution that you can see before the fans ever reach your facility. Once your project begins, our available factory-certified installation and dedicated project managers will coordinate with your schedule to ensure your project is completed quickly and correctly.

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