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Which Direction Should Ceiling Fans go in Winter?

For decades, people have been told to set their ceiling fans to reverse, or clockwise, in winter to push down the heat that collects at the ceiling. But like many long-held beliefs, this is not exactly true.

As many people have found, traditional flat-bladed fans must be turned on at high speed when in reverse to effectively push warm air down to occupant level. That inevitably creates an uncomfortable draft and uses more energy.

Unlike traditional flat-bladed fans, Big Ass Fans® have been scientifically proven to circulate warm air effectively at a very slow speed in the forward direction. Their aerodynamic airfoils move large amounts of air at slow speeds, achieving a more uniform temperature throughout a space — efficiently, and without the draft. Depending on the ceiling height, HVAC savings can total as high as 25 percent or even greater in industrial and commercial spaces, with savings up to 10 percent the norm in residential settings.

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