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What Is The Difference Between Industrial And Commercial Fans?

Ceiling fans are categorized as industrial or commercial based on the environment in which they are used. Industrial ceiling fans are designed to increase comfort in challenging and frequently noisy industrial settings such as warehouses, distribution centers and factories. Commercial ceiling fans, for the most part, work in conjunction with heating and cooling systems in spaces where silent operation and aesthetics are valued, such as schools, churches, retail outlets and offices.

At Big Ass Fans, we design and rigorously test all our fans — industrial, commercial and residential — with three objectives in mind: performance, reliability and durability. Throughout the process, the fan’s intended environment guides our design decisions. Big Ass Fans has earned hundreds of patents because of this focus on industry-leading research and development.

Our overhead product lineup includes three industrial fans: the Powerfoil®X3.0Powerfoil 8 and Basic 6®. Because these fans are designed for industrial settings, their motors use gears to power the airfoils that circulate air. In contrast, our commercial fans — including Essence® and Isis® — use ECMs, or Electrically Commutated Motors, with permanent magnets, a design that’s more appropriate for sound-sensitive environments.

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