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What Is Destratification?

Destratification is a term that describes the process of reducing thermal stratification.

When heat is introduced into a space, it forms temperature layers, or strata. The warmest air is at the ceiling; the coolest is at the floor, where people work and live. That’s because heated air from a forced air system is 5% to 10% lighter than air at desirable room temperatures (roughly 65 to 75°F, or 18 to 24°C). Heated air naturally rises to the highest point in a space, where temperatures can reach roughly 85 to 125°F (29 to 52°C) depending on a structure’s features and ceiling height.

The thermostat, typically at floor level, registers the temperature of the cooler, denser air, meaning the furnace is forced to over-deliver in an effort to reach the desired thermostat setting.

One of the most effective ways to address the problem of stratification is to use ceiling fans to circulate the air and create a more even temperature throughout the space. Well-engineered ceiling fans, when run at the proper speed and direction, can push down the heat so that there is minimal temperature differential between the ceiling and the floor. This elimination of different temperature strata, or destratification, results in both greater occupant comfort and energy savings.

Big Ass Fans® use their size and slow speed to destratify spaces in winter — without creating a draft — by pushing the heat down from the ceiling and distributing it evenly throughout.

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