Safety First

(And Second and Third...)

Big Ass Fans was forged in industrial conditions, so we fully appreciate the need for products that promote and maintain safe operations in tough environments. That’s why no other industrial fan has more redundant safety features than Powerfoil D.

  • Durable Grade 8 hardware and no critical exposed welds for fail-safe connections
  • Two-set safety cable system made from aircraft-grade galvanized steel
  • Steel retainers and Airfoil Restraint System for robust hub and airfoil security
  • Built-in accelerometer for automatic shutdown upon impact
  • Fire suppression system integration for automated safety

The Latest Tool on Our Safety Belt

The patented Airfoil Restraint System suspends your fan’s airfoils in the event of severe impact damage. Featuring durable nylon straps that extend from hub to winglet, the Airfoil Restraint System is standard on 20- and 24-foot models (available upon request for smaller diameters) and keeps people, products, and property out of harm’s way.

First in Innovation, Foremost in Quality

We knew that to have the first direct-drive overhead fan to withstand industrial abuse, we’d have to design and purpose-build it ourselves. We didn’t use off-the-shelf components or rely on outside engineers to do what we do best; we developed an all-new drive and motor and created the only overhead fan that comes standard with an IP66 rating and max temperature rating of 131 °F (55 °C).

Industrial Power, Quiet Comfort

Powerfoil D has the size and muscle to create high-volume airflow, but it’s not all brawn; its Neodymium magnet motor runs quietly and with incredible efficiency, so there’s no mechanical noise to distract people in your space. The airflow from Powerfoil D makes occupants feel up to 10 °F (6 °C) cooler in summer, and in winter gently recirculates the heated air trapped at the ceiling back down where people need it.

Custom Solutions for Each and Every Application

Your space is unique; a boilerplate fan quote won’t help you get the job done or provide the comfort your people need. This is where Big Ass Fans’ knowledgeable sales and support staff really shine. Starting with a site visit, we’ll carefully analyze your space, then build a free custom 3D Comfort Analysis for a data-backed visualization of how our products will transform your space.

Contact a Big Ass Fans expert for a quote and your free 3D Comfort Analysis.

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Better Airflow on Your Terms

Save on Time With Our Expert Install

Want refreshing airflow without the learning curve? Our factory-certified service staff will take installation off your agenda, ensuring that your products are wired correctly and assembled safely while you focus on growing your business. We’ll work quickly and effectively around your facility’s schedule, so your people get relief from uncomfortable conditions without hassle or downtime.

Versatile and Customizable

We purpose-built Powerfoil D for industrial spaces, but its feature-rich design is a handsome suit for nearly any commercial or public application. Its sleek aesthetic and virtually silent operation are perfect for restaurants, retail spaces, fitness centers, and outdoor venues. A wide range of diameters and mounting options make it great as a retrofit or for new construction, while its static output shaft supports a variety of functional attachments.

Other Optional Features
  • BACnet adapter
  • Mounting kits for solid beams and purlins
  • Extended warranty
  • Advanced controller options

Command Your Comfort With Ease

Touchscreen Simplicity

Powerfoil D is pre-programmed to integrate with your fire suppression and building automation systems (0-10 VDC, Modbus standard), so there’s no time-consuming setup. Just mount the fan’s digital, variable-speed wall controller to a standard junction box with a Cat5 cable and you’re up and running. A resistive-touchscreen makes it easy to turn your fan on or off, change speed, and set password protection.

More Control Feels Better

Need something with greater functionality than our standard digital controller? We offer several upgrades to provide comfort, energy savings, and security for your people and property.

BAFCon Premium upgrade from standard controller
  • LED-backlit touchscreen
  • Group control for up to eight fans
  • Integrated SmartSense with automated seasonal modes
  • Multi-level password protection
  • French and Spanish language capabilities
  • Onboard fan diagnostics and troubleshooting
BAFWorks All the features of BAFCon and more
  • Easy-to-use portable touchscreen
  • Individual or group fan and light control
  • Scheduling for routine fan operation
  • Building ventilation control
  • Lighting control
Dewtect Specialized to detect and mitigate moisture
  • Can work in conjunction with other controls
  • Large color touchscreen with range of auto and manual fan controls
  • Helps eliminate safety risks and product damage caused by condensation, mold, etc.
  • Auto-adjusts fan operation based on real-time data from environmental sensors

Be Direct With Your Comfort

Take the next step in facility comfort with the innovative Powerfoil D. Call 844-924-4277 or click below to request a quote and a free custom 3D Comfort Analysis from a Big Ass Fans expert.

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