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Work Hard, Play Hard

It takes a certain personality to proudly declare, “I work at Big Ass Fans.” And that’s exactly the kind of person who excels here. From GEDs to Ph.D.s, it’s our diverse mix of employees who create our unique culture. We want you to succeed in a fulfilling career that takes advantage of your talents, and we allow you the opportunity to discover whatever that may be. We don’t believe you’re defined by your college major (or lack thereof).

When you get down to it, we’re a serious company that designs, engineers, markets, sells and installs serious products (and has fun doing it). Want in on this? Check out our job openings to see if a Big Ass® career is in your future.

Our Big Ass Departments


Big Ass Fans® aims to be a billion dollar company by 2020. That’s a lot of dollars, so our exceptional finance department needs adaptable multi-taskers who can work as a team to crunch all the numbers at any given moment. The ability to recite pi to the 75th digit is preferred, but optional. (Kidding. Maybe.)


Can you mine mountains of information and extract the insight? Can you melt that down and forge a clear, cold understanding? Would you classify Moneyball as a suspenseful thriller? Then you might just be the data-nerd Big Ass Fans needs. Our tech-savvy, ever-curious analytics team is a big part of the creative, innovative spirit that keeps us moving forward.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on forging and sustaining strong customer relationships, so we don’t outsource customer service. Think of Big Ass Fans’ customer care team – from customer service to customer advocacy – as a squad of fan and light concierges, because that’s pretty much what they are. Our customer advocacy team proactively reaches out to customers to make sure their products are performing exactly as they expect. Our customer service team is friendly, patient and always ready to assist customers with any question or need. It’s yet another way Big Ass Fans lives up to our motto: “No Equal.”


Outside the box? So last year. Our engineers think outside that box, too. They’re innovators and problem-solvers, finding ways to reinvent technologies that have been around since Andrew Johnson was in the White House. It’s no simple task, but we didn’t get our Big Ass reputation by taking the easy way out. We get it by testing our limits (in our custom R & D facility), then exceeding them.

Human Resources

Big Ass Fans takes care of its employees, and HR is the first line of support for everyone who works here (plus those who don’t yet, like, you know, you). They recruit the best folks to fill any open positions and help employees navigate our slew of awesome benefits. If you’re a people person who’s always looking to take on new opportunities, be a champion for those around you, and come up with the occasional goofy interview question (what’s your nickname, by the way?), the fine folks in HR would love to have you aboard.

International Sales

Want to use your language skills for more than just ordering lunch in Cantonese? Start trotting the globe with the Big Ass international team! With offices in Australia, Canada, Malaysia and Singapore, there’s always somewhere new to explore. Curious adventurers on our international team work hard to introduce the world to the Big Ass way of doing things, adding new flags to our ever-growing collection as they go.


It sometimes feels like this is technology’s world, and we’re just living in it. Luckily, Big Ass Fans has a crew of IT ninjas ready to drop-kick any pesky tech problems as soon as they arise. They’re also proactive, managing the systems – everything from phones to sales software – that makes this place run. If you have a versatile understanding of technology and are personable, knowledgeable and never tire of the phrase, “please try restarting it,” there just might be a spot in the Big Ass IT ranks for you.


Getting our Big Ass products into homes, factories, restaurants, schools and all manner of buildings around the world requires detailed coordination of people, facilities and supplies. It relies on a level of foresight, strategy and organizational skills normally reserved for competitive risk players. But our logistics team, made up of industrious, process-oriented people, rolls with the punches, just as natural as drawing breath.


With a name like Big Ass Fans, you might think we wouldn’t have to work very hard to get attention, and you’re kind of right. But those clever ads don’t write and design themselves – that’s the job of our in-house Big Ass marketing team. We do a little bit of everything in Marketing – website design, internal communications, public relations, videos and social media. That means if you join our crew, you’ll be able to stretch your legs and do a bit of everything, too.

Product Development

At Big Ass Fans, we make the best products around. Seriously, we’re talking sliced-bread-level awesomeness. Our fine Product Development team is constantly looking for ways to make them even better. If you’re the sort of technical-minded, analytical thinker who’s never satisfied with “good enough,” come aboard and help us create industry-leading technologies.

In 2015, Big Ass Fans was honored to be the recipient of a Governor's Award in the Arts for its products and work environment, and its dedicated support of the arts in the the commonwealth. (Learn more about our Big Ass commitment to the arts in this video.)


Big Ass Fans’ products are hand-assembled and tested (then tested again) to meet our exacting standards. Not even Santa’s workshop possesses this kind of attention to detail. Our elves – er, rather, our talented production crew makes sure every grommet, airfoil and piece of extruded aluminum ends up exactly where it’s supposed to go. If you’re all about precision and teamwork, production has your name written all over it.

Project Services

Do you have a thing for hard hats and steel-toed boots? Good. At Big Ass Fans, we put fans and lights everywhere from schools and churches to stadiums and caves. We need folks to help install and maintain our industrial and commercial products anywhere they’re found. Big Ass Fans provides the best service in the business, and our Project Services team is in the field, making that claim a reality for our customers.


Hucksters in polyester suits need not apply. Whether they’re at our home base in Lexington, Kentucky or covering a sales territory with site and office visits, our sales team is full of eager, hard-working, genuinely invested people, and we’re always looking for more. Big Ass Fans' sales team operates in a highly collaborative, encouraging environment where service, customer education and self-improvement truly matter. If we take care of that stuff (and we do), we know the bottom line will take care of itself.