I’ve connected the wall control to my Wi-Fi network, but it doesn’t control the right Haiku product.

The wall control will only control Haiku products placed in the same “room” in the Haiku App.


  1. Open the Haiku app, tap , and choose Rooms & Devices from the menu.
  2. If you see your Haiku products and wall control listed, but they’re not under the same room heading, tap Edit and drag the devices you want to work together into the same room.
  3. Tap Done twice to return to the Home screen.


  1. On the Haiku app’s Home screen, tap the room containing the device(s) you intend to group with the wall control.
  2. Tap the button in the top right corner of this screen and select Room Settings.
  3. Tap Included Devices, then select the wall control (if not already selected) and tap OK.
  • If you DO NOT see the wall control listed, tap , and then tap Add a Product. Follow the instructions here to connect your wall control.
  • If you see your Haiku products and wall control under the same room heading, but they don’t work together, you may need to perform a firmware update. To check, tap Done, tap , and then tap Firmware Update.
This applies to these products: Haiku Wireless Wall Control

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