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Studies show employee productivity decreases when the temperature rises above 25 °C**. But hey, those studies simply confirm what you already know: When you’re hot, you don’t move as fast. In non-air-conditioned facilities, workers don’t just slow down, they also take frequent breaks to the water fountain or soda machine, to visit the nearest floor fan, and to wipe off sweaty necks and brows.

Ever wonder how much you’re losing to every bead of sweat? Or, put another way, how much you could be saving with Big Ass Fans?


Money Lost Because Of
Lowered Productivity

Big Ass Fans Could be Saving You

Per Year

Annual Loss Due to

Big Ass Fans Could Reduce Your
Productivity Loss By

*Calculations are based on averages for the information selected and are only an estimate of actual savings. Actual loss and savings will vary depending on weather conditions, usage, location and business type. This information is intended as an example for comparison purposes only. Big Ass Fans does not guarantee the accuracy of these calculations. No promise of performance is implied by us or should be inferred by you.

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