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Designing a fluid distribution center that maximizes both mechanical and human effectiveness comes with certain challenges. Whether your business is storage, distribution, repair and maintenance, packaging or anything requiring a large cavernous space, Big Ass Fans work solo or with HVAC systems to help control energy costs while enhancing human comfort and promoting product integrity.

Fanning the Floor Plan

Big Ass Fans, which span up to 7.3m (24 feet) in diameter, move air throughout the entire space, from ceiling to floor and wall to wall, including up and over obstructions such as machinery and stacked product. This airflow pattern ensures air reaches all corners of the building, maintaining consistent conditions throughout and eliminating condensation and stagnant areas where product integrity is a concern.

Taking Comfort to the Bank

Studies indicate comfortable workers are safer and more productive. The addition of airflow can make people feel 6 °C cooler during the summer months. Slowing the fans when the temperature drops recirculates heat trapped near the ceiling back down to occupants, improving comfort and reducing your heating costs.


If you’re seeking LEED® designation for your facility, Big Ass Fans has more than 40 LEED-accredited design team members ready to assist you from the initial design stage to final installation. We’re also happy to send Revit® files and technical specs to help you visualize your project. Plus, Big Ass Fans are so much more energy efficient than multiple standard overhead or pedestal fans, facilities that upgrade to Big Ass Fans can often take advantage of energy-saving rebates.

Because no Two Facilities are Exactly the Same

Our industrial specialists know what’s important in warehouses. Call us now at 1300 BIG ASS or request a call back for a custom recommendation.


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