Commercial/Public Spaces

Theme Parks

The Big Kahun-ass

Along with the rides, the slides, the rivers and the waves, theme parks get a boost from Big Ass Fans.

Just as you offer a large selection of attractions, we have fans for every conceivable situation. Overhead, portable, oscillating, misting and directional fans help customise your comfort needs so your staff and patrons remain comfortable, whether in the action or in the queue.

Move the Air Indoors

Providing a breeze in what can often be a hot, humid environment, Big Ass Fans improve comfort while combating indoor air quality issues that plague such behemoth settings. Maintaining a swimsuit-friendly temperature year round often means losing a significant amount of heat to the ceiling. Destratification with Big Ass Fans can reduce your HVAC system’s energy consumption by as much as 30% while creating almost uniform temperature within the space.

In summer, the air movement from Big Ass Fans can help your patrons feel up to 6 °C cooler, while its silent operation allows you to hear the squeals of delight (or fear).

Move the Air Outdoors

Big Ass Fans’ wet-rated overhead fans create the perfect summer cooling station for queues, seating areas or anywhere people need an extra dose of comfort.

While You May Have an Endless River, We Have Endless Information

Our specialists know what’s important to theme park owners and managers. Call us now at 1300 BIG ASS or request a call back for a custom recommendation. Not a big “ass” fan? No worries—we offer more subtle branding packages.


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