Heat Destratification

Hot air rises — that’s just science. So guess where all the heat you pay for in the winter goes? That’s right: the ceiling.

Heat destratification is the process of mixing that hot air at the ceiling with the cold air at the floor, creating a uniform temperature. What’s it to you? Right now, you’re heating your facility from the ceiling down, and that’s no way to live. Get heat at floor level — where you actually need it — and up to a 30% reduction in heating bills with Big Ass Fans®.

There was a full return on investment within 12 months of installation. After investigating all the options to increase my building's efficiency, the fan was the best money-saving investment to get my power consumption down. Mike Shirley, Owner, Double Diamond Gym

The Science of Savings

When air is warmed, it expands and rises above the colder, denser air around it. In winter, this means that the hot air your heater pumps out floats right to the ceiling. As it heads north, your HVAC system works overtime, trying to heat the area around your thermostat. It’s a vicious cycle that leaves you shivering — and paying for an ass-ton* of heat you never get to enjoy.

How do you fix it? A Big Ass Fan. Set it to slowly turn during the winter and voilà! The hot and cold air gently mix, keeping you warmer and saving you money. Because your thermostat is now surrounded by warmer, more uniform air, your HVAC system only turns on when it needs to turn on — and that means Big Ass savings.

*An ass-ton = 200,000 lbs, or the average carrying capacity of 2,000 donkeys. (We did the math.)

Quit Overworking your thermostat and start putting heat where you actually need it.

Any Way You Want It

Every Big Ass product is designed to efficiently destratify a variety of spaces, saving money everywhere from pubs to production facilities.

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Whitepaper: Reducing Thermal Stratification with Quiet Air Movement (PDF)