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Case Study: Zirbel Dairy

Switching from small, high-powered fans to Big Ass Fans didn't take a very big jump in money. It's a few pennies per month, if that, to make the cows more comfortable and productive. Kris Scheider, Zirbel Dairy

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Zirbel Dairy needed a solution to increase milk production during the summer months and improve the comfort of their 520 cows year round. The dairy barn would heat up in the summer, even with curtains opened on the 14-ft (4.3-m) sidewalls. When the curtains were closed to retain heat in the winter, the barn would become uncomfortably stuffy. The dairy also needed a way to disperse ammonia gas, a by-product of its waste-recycling processes.


The dairy turned to industry leader Big Ass Fans® for 12 large 24-ft (7.3-m) diameter fans for constant air movement and improved overall air quality, providing the herd a refreshing breeze at all times. The fans efficiently move huge amounts of air using only a 2-horsepower motor, costing a fraction of other, less efficient fan systems. Plus, ammonia buildup is now quickly dispersed thanks to the increased airflow.

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