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Case Study: ZCB

In combination with our chilled-beam and underfloor displacement cooling system, the fans enhance user comfort. The air circulation also helps when humidity is high. Dr. Guiyi Li, Director

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Envisioned in 2010 as Hong Kong’s first zero-emission building, ZCB is so efficient it returns surplus electricity to the local power grid. However, the humid, subtropical climate presents unique challenges – temperatures range from pleasant in winter to stiflingly hot and humid in summer. ZCB has no need for mechanical heating, but it requires an ingenious ventilation and cooling solution. Installing a typical, inefficient air conditioner would have caused ZCB to be unable to meet the designers’ goal of striking a balance with nature.


ZCB is designed for optimum ventilation, but ventilation alone isn’t enough to keep occupants cool in summer. Designers incorporated several active cooling features, including a floor cooling system and a chilled-beam convective air conditioner. ZCB also installed Big Ass Fans® – 11 Essence®, one Powerfoil®X and six Haiku® fans – to further improve ventilation, localized cooling and distribution of conditioned air. The system is much more efficient than typical air conditioning, helping ZCB maintain its status as the premier eco-building in Hong Kong.

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