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Case Study: Wow! That’s Fresh

When I saw how Essence was made, especially the fact that they are completely enclosed, I knew it was restaurant proof - no food, no grease, and no airborne particles will get into this fan. It's the perfect ventilation solutions for a restaurant known for making fresh burgers and fries. Kim Perry, LEED AP Interior Designer

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Wow! That’s Fresh wanted to emphasize fresh food and clean design to set their flagship location apart from other chain restaurants. Kim Perry, the project’s designer, also needed to incorporate one of three eye-catching logo colors into the all-white ceiling and maximize the room’s air flow to minimize any lingering food smell from the burgers and fries made on-site. She needed an engineer, a designer and a sales team rolled into one, as well as a stylish air movement solution.


A team of Big Ass Fans® applications engineers, LEED Accredited Professional® designers and sales representatives worked with Perry to develop a series of renderings showing custom color options and fan sizes to maximize air flow and elevate the design of the 4,300-square-foot (399.5m²) restaurant. Perry, also a LEED AP, chose four 8-ft (2.4m) Essence® fans with custom red winglets. They feature a combination of streamlined aesthetics and what she calls “solid, can’t possibly screw-it-up engineering.” Perry loves that the fans lift the design while reducing energy costs and keeping customers comfortable.

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