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Case Study: West Coast Customs

Our Big Ass Fans are the sickest fans on the planet - they look cool, make a serious statement, and move an amazing amount of air. Even with a lot of exhaust in the shop, the fans really keep the air clean. Ryan Friedlinghaus, Founder

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Hot rods need cool spaces—in more ways than one. When West Coast Customs (WCC) moved into their new shop in Burbank, California, they wanted to up the comfort level without compromising their goal of being the greenest auto shop in the business. Their old shop was miserably hot in the summer, forcing the crew to rely on rolling cooling units that looked awful on camera, weren’t effective, and took up valuable floor space. Those rolling units also didn’t do much to clear out the exhaust and fumes that would choke everyone on the floor and in the offices.


West Coast Customs installed a 12-ft (3.6-m) Powerfoil®X2.0 and three Haiku® fans in their new shop. The fans do what the rolling units never could: they keep the space comfortable even in the heat of summer, freeing up floor space and eliminating exhaust. The industrial look of Powerfoil and the sleek lines of Haiku fit perfectly with the tough yet grown-up aesthetics of the new shop, and they never need to worry about looking bad on camera. It’s a powerful, efficient way to keep the shop cool so WCC can keep making custom cars as badass as the fans above them.

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