Seminyak, Bali

Case Study: W Retreat & Spa

The fans are very smart, very modern. The design is quite effective in creating airflow, as well. Marcus Wilson, Director of Restaurants and Bars

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Beachfront dining on outdoor terraces at restaurants like Starfish Bloo and FIRE is just one of the draws of the stylish W Retreat & Spa in tropical Bali. However, keeping guests comfortable in a tropical climate, even right next to the ocean, was a tricky proposition for interior designers Poole Associates Private Limited. Regulating temperature outdoors with air conditioning systems can be costly and inefficient, so increased air movement seemed to be an ideal solution—but typical pressboard or wooden fan blades, prone to drooping and flexing in high humidity, wouldn’t cut it.


The designers selected 25 white Haiku® fans for airflow, comfort and aesthetics. Haiku’s modern, minimalist design adds a contemporary twist to the restaurants’ traditional Balinese motifs. Airflow generated by Haiku helps keep guests and staff comfortable, and the fans’ Whoosh® Mode, which simulates natural breezes, picks up the slack when the natural oceanfront breeze dies down. Haiku is damp-rated, too, so its durable, matrix composite airfoils will never droop over time, keeping diners comfortable for years to come.

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