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Case Study: University of Kentucky Dairy Barn

  • University of Kentucky Dairy Barn with Washdown LED
  • University of Kentucky Dairy Barn with Yellow Jacket
  • University of Kentucky Dariy Barn with Powerfoil X3.0
No matter what the project, whether it's a compost barn or distillery, Big Ass has always been able to find the solution. Kyle Beasley, Design Project Manager

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Heat and humidity can create problems for anybody, and that’s just as true when the “bodies” are bovine. People who care for dairy cows know they need to keep a close watch on their herd when temperatures rise. Not only can heat put animals’ health at risk, but their milk production can fall off dramatically when they’re uncomfortable. At the University of Kentucky, dairy specialists have advised farmers for years to build barns for optimum airflow. Recently, they built a state-of-the-art barn of their own designed with comfort in mind.


The university’s new 23,000-sq-ft (2,136-sq-m) dairy barn houses 120 research cows. “Airflow is the name of the game,” according to Kyle Beasley, SE and design project manager. The composting barn’s long sides feature retractable curtains, and six Big Ass® Powerfoil®X3.0 fans spin overhead, integrated into an automatic system that monitors conditions for maximum cow comfort. In the center feeding alley, Yellow Jacket® fans work with a misting system to cool the cows. The whole barn is kept bright with Big Ass Washdown LEDs, wet-rated fixtures that can be hosed off when they get dirty.

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