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Case Study: Unique Rides with Will Castro

Big Ass Fans are a phenomenal addition to our space. After seeing them with other high-end brands, I knew we had to have them. Will Castro,

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As a leading innovator in the world of automotive design, Will Castro and his talents as a luxury car customizer have brought him face-to-face with hundreds of actors, athletes and A-list stars including LeBron James, Puff Daddy, Nicki Minaj, Samuel L. Jackson, Busta Rhymes and Jeff Gordon. When it came time to prepare a new facility for his Velocity television show Unique Rides with Will Castro, he sought to create a classy and unique space with exceptional comfort. He needed a setting that would not only reflect his personal brand but also the lifestyles of his high-end clients.


An 8-ft (2-m) Essence® and five 52- and 60-inch Haiku® fans had both the beauty and brains to meet Castro’s high expectations. Installed in the center of his 3,150-sq-ft (293-sq-m) space, the fans essentially function as an HVAC unit. “Big Ass Fans® are top quality products, and they are all we’ve relied on to keep cool,” said Castro. “It doesn’t matter if it’s spring, summer or fall, they create the air movement that we need.” The Big Ass Fans also have the wow factor that Castro has become known for over his 25-year career. “Not only are the Big Ass Fans completely silent, aesthetically they’re beautiful,” said Castro.

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