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Case Study: Torr Na Lochs Vineyard

We knew we wanted to use Big Ass Fans on the project, and it was very easy to work with them. The customer service was fantastic. Karen DeBerry, Owner

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Nestled in the rocky hills of central Texas, Torr Na Lochs Vineyard wanted to make vintage wine without vintage energy costs. The vineyard was already employing a number of green practices — moisture sensors, solar-powered wells, organic fertilizers — but it hadn’t yet discovered a more sustainable and cost-effective way to cool off customers on its wine tasting patio. With aesthetics being almost as important to the customer experience as the wine itself, finding a fix that fit Torr Na Lochs’ environmental philosophy while still complimenting the vineyard’s rustic architecture was key.


Enter Big Ass Fans®. Torr Na Lochs installed three 8-ft (2.4-m) Essence® fans to keep customers cool while they sample some of the finest wine in Texas. Vineyard owner Karen DeBerry uses the fans year-round. And rather than clash with the vineyard’s architecture, the Essence® fans actually amplified the building’s bucolic charm, said DeBerry: “They look like they belong there, yet they also stand out. People comment on them. They’re conversation points.” The fans’ energy efficiency has allowed DeBerry to further her goal of reducing energy use without compromising comfort or quality.

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