Queensland, Australia

Case Study: The Triffid

  • The Triffid uses Big Ass Fans
  • The Triffid uses Big Ass Fans
  • The Triffid uses Big Ass Fans
I’d recommend Big Ass Fans to anyone. We needed fans that would make our music venue comfortable and move a lot of air without making any noise. Big Ass Fans deliver what they promise. John Collins, Owner of The Triffid

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John Collins knows a thing or two about music venues. As the bass guitarist for the Australian band Powderfinger, he played in good ones and bad ones all over the world. When Collins chose an old World War II hangar in Brisbane as the location for his own venue, The Triffid, he knew from experience that he needed to include a cooling plan in the renovations. “We knew we had to do something to battle the Queensland heat that sometimes reaches 40°C (104°F),” he said. “The heat combined with the lack of airflow in the beer garden would be way too uncomfortable.”


With air con not an option, it was obvious that The Triffid needed fans. Collins had heard that Big Ass Fans performed efficiently and quietly — the latter quality is especially crucial in music venues. He chose one 3-m Essence fan and two Haiku fans for the beer garden. The fans quietly keep up the airflow and make guests, employees and musicians more comfortable. Collins is sure the Big Ass Fans make The Triffid a much more enjoyable venue for everyone. “With fans in Queensland, you need something that f***ing works! I’m stoked with my Big Ass Fans.”

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