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Case Study: The Salvation Army

With our Black Jack by Big Ass Fans, I’m 100% confident our hall will feel cool and comfortable no matter what the temperature is. It’s outstanding and has really transformed our facility! Matt Kay, Assistant Manager for The Salvation Army

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The Salvation Army’s youth hall in central New South Wales is used as a multipurpose space with a mission of walking with people for a stronger community. Extraction fans alone were leaving the hall filled with stagnant air and excessive heat, distracting from the enjoyment of those using it. Air conditioning wasn’t an option, and neither were ceiling fans, since The Salvation Army were uncertain of the future of the auditorium. Assistant Manager Matt Kay wanted a solution to cool the space that wouldn’t waste money on installation costs and could easily be moved to a new space when the time came.


Matt found the cooling solution The Salvation Army needed with the Big Ass Black Jack mobile fan. The versatility and manoeuvrability of Black Jack means any staff member can easily move the 2m fan where it’s needed and adjust the variable speed controller depending on what’s taking place inside the hall or in their outdoor area. “You want your money to be well spent. So when I turned on the fan and noticed I could feel the air movement from 20 metres away even when the fan was running at a low speed - I was thrilled! You can put it near desks and papers, and it will still work very well without blowing papers around.”

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