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Case Study: The Local Taco

  • The Local Taco with Haiku
  • The Local Taco with Haiku
Our electric bill has gone down by about 5 percent, thanks to Big Ass Fans. Since restaurants' profit margins are usually fairly small, that's a huge difference over the course of a year. Kevin Lewis, Co-Owner

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Once a historic home, the popular Tex-Mex restaurant The Local Taco found its renovated layout failed to keep customers comfortable. It’s a common problem for businesses located in renovated spaces, and it was made even more noticeable by the Lexington, Kentucky, restaurant’s centrally located kitchen and large indoor/outdoor dining area. The standard ceiling fans in use had too few speed settings – the fans were either so slow they were ineffective or so fast that they cooled guests’ meals. Additionally, the kitchen constantly radiated heat, which the restaurant countered with blasts of expensive air conditioning.


The Local Taco installed a mix of Big Ass Fans® throughout the restaurant for comfort control and energy savings. The standard ceiling fans were replaced with 60-inch (1.5-m) Haiku® fans that have seven speeds, making it a breeze to meet guests’ preferences. And because the Haiku fans are operated by remotes, servers no longer have to lean over customers’ tables to pull chains. Larger Big Ass Fans are positioned strategically in the kitchen to direct heat outside. Thanks to the fans, managers raised the thermostat setpoint by 6°F (3.3°C), reducing energy costs by about $2,000 per year.

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