Lexington, KY

Case Study: The Livery

The Big Ass installation crew was great. The people were very professional and polite, and got it done during a snowstorm. They called afterward to make sure everything was working well. Corey Maple, Co-Owner

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The Livery, an event venue in Lexington, Kentucky, is housed in a building dating to the 1860s. The 7,200-sq-ft (669-sq-m) space got its name because it once was home to the horse-and-carriage trade, and its equine past can still be seen in the open raftered space. Ceiling insulation consists of 10 layers of roofing material applied over decades. In winter the hot air stayed up at the rafters, and ordinary residential ceiling fans had little effect, so guests often shivered at sit-down events. In summer, the dance floor was a steamy place, even with the A/C pumping.


Two 10-ft (3-m) Essence® fans by Big Ass Fans® made a dramatic change at The Livery, both in comfort and appearance, said co-owner Corey Maple. In winter, “the difference is amazing. The fans push the heat down to warm the guests, creating a cozier, more inviting feel.” And when the A/C is running, the improvement has been just as noticeable. “The airflow is smooth but constant. Our guests are more comfortable.” And guests who’d seen the old fans tell the owners there’s no comparison in terms of appearance, either. “The fans are streamlined and look great. We’re very happy,” Maple said.

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