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Case Study: Stratus Flight

The main benefit is the consistency of breeze throughout the hangar without the noise and hassle of area fans. It is a much cleaner, quieter, more efficient way to create air movement in a large area. Now there is almost no place in the hangar where you don't feel a breeze at some level in the summer. It saves us money in the winter and it has been a very beneficial investment. Casey Childers, Director of Maintenance

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Employees at Stratus Flight in Spartanburg, South Carolina were tired of using ineffective pedestal fans in the 18,200 sq ft maintenance hangar as the only form of air movement. The noisy fans were only providing localized breezes and the drop cords were a safety hazard to employees. Along with a lack of natural airflow which caused a stagnant environment, the hangar was also experiencing heat loss through the ceiling during winter months. Stratus Flight needed a way to circulate heat throughout the facility, over and around aircraft, and down to occupant level.


Stratus Flight installed one 24-foot (7.3m) diameter Powerfoil®Plus fan to effectively and efficiently circulate heat throughout the hangar. Destratifying the space leaves the maintenance hangar and crew with consistent air movement from floor to ceiling and creates a more comfortable environment year-round.

PowerfoilPlus provided the necessary air circulation Stratus Flight needed in order to create even temperatures year-round. In the winter months, the fan destratifies the hangar to keep the maintenance crew comfortable and to save money on heating bills. During summer, the fan creates gentle breezes to keep the space cool. The Big Ass Fan® replaced all of the ineffective pedestal fans in the space.

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