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Case Study: Seifert MTM Systems

The first day we turned the fan on - literally 5 minutes after - there was an instant temperature difference. I believe in this product. It's really good, and now the energy savings are on paper. Rob Granai, Logistics and Operations Manager

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With more than 45 years of experience and expertise within the industrial thermal management field, multinational corporation Seifert MTM Systems knows what air movement can do in a big space. When Logistics and Operations Manager Rob Granai noticed rising energy costs in his 19,000 sq. ft. warehouse full of air conditioners and heat exchangers in North Kingstown, R.I., he recognized the source of his challenge. “We deal with thermal technology on a daily basis, so I knew the placement of our heaters near the top of the 25-ft ceiling was a problem,” Granai explained.


Seifert had an issue with stratification, a condition where hot air rises in a space forcing heaters to run continually in order to achieve a comfortable temperature. Needing a fan big enough to recirculate air in his entire space, Granai turned to Big Ass Fans®. “The first day we turned the fan on – literally after 5 minutes – there was an instant temperature difference,” Granai said. Not only will the fan pay for itself in a year, Granai was able to discard the loud pedestal fans cluttering up his space and provide an efficient summer cooling solution in his non air-conditioned space.

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