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Case Study: Sandbar

  • Sandbar with Haiku Fans
The Haiku fans are the most innovative fans I’ve ever seen. They work so well, and they don’t rust or droop, which is really important when you’re right by the ocean. Jake Short, Co-owner

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Sandbar in Surfers Paradise is situated about as close to the ocean as a restaurant can be. Its beautiful views help make it a popular hangout, but unfortunately, the beachfront location also comes with salt air and harsh weather. Fourteen standard ceiling fans were failing miserably at keeping the restaurant comfortable. Though constantly running at full speed, they couldn’t produce enough air movement to combat Queensland’s heat. Additionally, they were growing rusty, and their rattling was unnerving to customers. When co-owners Jake and Greg Short decided to renovate Sandbar, they knew they needed to upgrade their fans.


After a site visit and recommendation from Big Ass Fans, seven Haiku fans were installed. The owners love their power and efficiency. “We now have much better airflow. These seven Haiku fans are moving more air than the 14 fans we had previously, and we only have to run them at half the speed,” Jake says. “We love the Whoosh mode too, and the natural style of breeze it provides.” He also notes the black Haiku fans complement the restaurant’s decor and Bali theme. “The fans look really impressive. They fit perfectly with our design and make it even better.”

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