Athens, Ontario

Case Study: Roosburg Farm

Our bedding is more suited to a desert climate where it won't get damp, but the Big Ass Fans have kept it dry and lowered our somatic cell count during humid summers, which is opposite of every other farm I've ever heard of. Thanks to the Big Ass Fans, our milk is higher quality. Cole Verburg, Owner

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Established in 1960 in Athens, Ontario, Roosburg Farms is a milk-first GEA MIone robot farm that is committed to cow comfort and high production. Though its barns were naturally ventilated, the hot days of summer took a toll on the comfort of the animals. Management looked into a number of cooling solutions but found nothing that generated the quiet air movement they needed.


Roosburg Farms installed four Big Ass Fans® for silent cooling power. “The cows love them,” owner Cole Verburg said. “They moved air throughout the whole barn and earned us an energy rebate through the government.” But soon after, a tragic barn fire struck. As the farm rebuilt, it outfitted its new barn with three more Big Ass Fans. Not only did the fans provide unparalleled comfort, they also unexpectedly mitigated the challenges associated with the new composted manure bedding that the farm had chosen for the updated facility.

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