Laguna Beach, CA

Case Study: Provenance Realty Group

Everybody's been amazed and wowed by the Essence fan. It fits our space perfectly. Dan Melhase, President

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Before Provenance Realty Group moved into its new headquarters in Laguna Beach, California, the luxury brokerage needed a cooling upgrade for the 30-year-old space, which had an air conditioning system that was just as old. Replacing the aging units was costly and wouldn’t address the other pressing issue: aesthetics. The space had a 30-ft (9.1-m) vaulted ceiling that was “ugly,” said Provenance Realty President Dan Melhase, who wanted the office to reflect the multimillion-dollar homes they sold. In fact, before he even knew the cooling benefits of Big Ass Fans® he wanted one simply for the high-end look.


Provenance Realty installed an Essence® by Big Ass Fans® to solve its air circulation problems at a fraction of the cost of overhauling the air conditioning in the leased office space. In the process, the company got a sleek, eye-catching design element that speaks to its clientele without ever making a sound. The Essence makes the entire 2,200-sq-ft (204-sq-m) space feel an extra 10°F (5.6°C) cooler, says Melhase. Since the company’s opening, he has received nothing but compliments on the fan from both well-to-do clients and curious passersby. “We wanted something that was beautiful and modern,” says Melhase, and they got it.

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