Nicholasville, KY

Case Study: Primate Rescue Center

The fans make such a difference for our primates. They love the Yellow Jacket with the mister. We thought they would play in the water, but it's such a nice, delicate mist, it's like a blast of air conditioning where they just sprawl out and take naps. Eileen Dunnington, Sanctuary Manager

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Residents at the Primate Rescue Center in Nicholasville, Kentucky, live luxuriously, enjoying healthy food and outdoor enclosures. It’s a well-earned retreat, considering that many come from neglectful owners, circuses, roadside zoos and laboratories. However, in the dog days of summer, comfort took a dive. Primates react to stifling Kentucky heat and humidity the same way humans do – by seeking shade, refusing to come outside and acting lethargic. Some enclosures had standard pressboard fans, but they couldn’t stand up to the heat, wilting in the humidity.


Big Ass Fans® donated two overhead Haiku® and two portable Yellow Jacket® fans to the center to keep chimps cool. After a period of initial suspicion, chimps in outdoor enclosures now take daily naps in front of Yellow Jacket’s cooling airflow – particularly the one with a misting attachment. One of the Haiku fans keeps the energetic spider monkeys comfortable in the summer and creates uniform temperatures in the winter; plus, the damp-rated fans’ airfoils will never warp due to humidity. A second Haiku cools primates and vets in the medical center.

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