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Case Study: Planet Fitness

Big Ass Fans help us cut down on our air conditioning load and our utility bill. We cut 15 percent off our bill at a time when everybody else is seeing a 20 percent increase. Dave Leon, Planet Fitness Owner

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Powerfoil X Series


As a vibrant and growing health and fitness chain, Planet Fitness enjoys a constant surge of new members. Planet Fitness locations nationwide have been searching for an energy-efficient solution to increase air movement and enhance their members’ workout experience.


Large air mover Powerfoil®X Plus creates more comfortable, efficient environments in Planet Fitness locations nationwide. The bottom line: Big Ass Fans improve members’ workout experiences by creating a comfortable atmosphere. Not only do the fans reduce energy costs by decreasing the load on the HVAC system in the summer and recirculating warm air in the winter, but they also pack a visual punch that lets your members know you care about their comfort. Additionally, increased air movement prevents stagnant, stale air and unpleasant gym odors from disrupting members’ workouts.

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