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Case Study: Pittsburg Tank and Tower Group Space

  • Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group with High Bay Light
  • Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group with High Bay Light
  • Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group with High Bay Light
Big Ass Light provided an estimated savings and a guarantee that the lights will pay for themselves in just three years. Not everyone does that, and that's what sealed the deal for us. Cole Verburg, Owner

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Based in Henderson, Kentucky, Pittsburg Tank & Tower Group is an industry leader in the manufacturing of industrial and municipal water tanks. With thousands of square feet dedicated to the custom fabrication and service of these structures, the company experienced rather high energy usage ― thanks especially to 450 metal halide lights throughout the facility. Not only were the lights incredibly inefficient, they dimmed so quickly that workers struggled to do their jobs and had to rework dozens of products each month. The company needed a way to both cut energy costs and improve conditions for its employees.


The company installed 160 High Bay LEDs by Big Ass Light in its 84,000-sq-ft (7,804-sq-m) Pittsburg Tower space. Convinced by the quality, they went on to install 265 more lights in their Allstate Tower facility ― an investment that will pay for itself in just three years. “Now people can see one thousand times better ― the Big Ass Lights are bright as day”, Chris Johnston, Assistant VP of Loss Prevention, said. “Productivity, morale and quality of work have increased drastically, and we’ve reduced equipment rework by 50 percent.”

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