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Case Study: Paul Cates Stables

Summers down here can be tough. Before buying Big Ass Fans, there wasn't much we could do about the heat, but this summer has been a different story. The fans helped a lot and are worth every penny. Paul Cates, Owner

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Paul Cates has been professionally training horses and riders for competition since 1987, and much of that time has been spent in the sweltering Texas heat. Since summer days can easily reach temperatures exceeding 100°F (38°C), the enclosed, 20,000-sq-ft (1,858-sq-m) training arena at Paul Cates Stable can become unbearably hot for humans and animals alike. Two exhaust fans in the arena’s ceiling and a couple of evaporative coolers offered minimal relief. The typically hot, stagnant air turned long days into feats of endurance for Cates, his riders and his American Saddlebred horses.


Cates installed two 24-ft (7.3-m) Powerfoil®8 fans by Big Ass Fans®, greatly relieving his patrons, horses and himself. The fans work with the arena’s exhaust system to generate a consistent, cooling breeze throughout the space, keeping lessons and training sessions comfortable. “The horses and I have to deal with the heat the most, and Big Ass Fans help me get through the day,” Cates said. He noted his particularly willful horses, which were once especially affected by soaring temperatures, now rarely experience fatigue.

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