Paris, KY

Case Study: Paris Stockyards

There are 10 rows of seats in the sales ring. The Big Ass Fan keeps people comfortable in summer and winter, from the front row to the last. Craig Taylor, general manager

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The Paris Stockyards in Paris, Kentucky, sees a lot of cattle pass through its doors every week. Once a month, there are sheep, goats and hogs, too. Inside at the sales ring, customers sit in rows, watching the parade of livestock and waiting to bid. But in winter there was a problem when temperatures dropped. Heat from the forced-air heating system rose to the ceiling, leaving customers to shiver in their seats. Summer caused problems, too – outside in the loading and unloading area, hot, stagnant air caused discomfort for both employees and visitors.


One of the owners uses Big Ass Fans at his own barn and recommended them for the stockyards. Two Powerfoil®8 fans were installed, one in the sales ring and one outside in the loading area. General Manager Craig Taylor says the one in the sales ring has been very effective at pushing the heat down in winter. “The older gentlemen who sit in the front row for long periods of time really enjoy it. It keeps ‘em warm,” Taylor says. It also reduces winter heating bills. And in summer, employees and farmers loading and unloading cattle appreciate the cooling breeze.

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