Owensboro, KY

Case Study: Owensboro Brick & Tile

  • Owensboro Brick & Tile with Powerfoil
  • Owensboro Brick & Tile with Powerfoil
  • Owensboro Brick & Tile with Powerfoil
These fans help get the moisture out of the brick, so they actually let me run our kilns a little faster to get more product out. Big Ass Fans are a great product and I'm glad we have them. Mark Sexton, Plant Manager

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Owensboro Brick & Tile’s staging area holds 300,000 to 400,000 bricks at a time while they dry out before going into the kiln. “We have to get a certain percentage of moisture out of the brick before we can fire it,” explained Mark Sexton, plant manager. As one set of bricks would come out of the 1,950°F (1,065°C) kiln, the steam they let off would keep the area hot and perpetually wet—which made drying a slow process. The company needed a way to speed up the drying of bricks before they entered the firing kiln.


Owensboro Brick & Tile installed four 16-ft (4.9-m) diameter Big Ass Fans®. The fans evenly distribute humidity in the air, and the increased air speed in the drying area aids the evaporation of moisture from the bricks waiting to be fired. The fans also help to dissipate heat and moisture from the steaming bricks coming out of the kiln.

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