Frankfort, KY

Case Study: New Approach to Lighting Provides LED Upgrades With $0 Upfront

The parking lot definitely looks brighter and everything looks more vibrant. I plan to improve parking lots in other franchises using the same program. Marc Stone, Fairfield Inn Manager and President of Stonebridge Hospitality

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As a member of the Marriott hotel chain, the Fairfield Inn in Frankfort, Kentucky, follows strict company policy: no more than two parking-lot lights can ever be out at a time. For Marc Stone, Fairfield Inn owner, the 15-year-old metal-halide fixtures were a constant headache: whenever one went out, he had to call an electrician with a lift. That cost so much that he simply had all 32 lightbulbs replaced at once, every year. Stone wanted to make the switch to more efficient, longer-lived LEDs, but new fixtures weren’t in his budget.


When Stone heard about Big Ass Light’s new LightPath service program, he was all in. The program allowed him to get 32 new LED parking-lot lights with a monthly service subscription and created lower operating costs, too. With LightPath, the energy savings created by the new LED lights pay for everything and Stone no longer has to shell out several thousand dollars each year for all-new bulbs. And the Big Ass LED lights really make a difference, he says. “You can see the property better from the interstate, which helps it stand out from the competition.”

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