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Case Study: Montgomery County High School

We've had fans and lights before, but nothing like these! We got into the project for the energy savings - we didn't imagine that the quality of the lights and comfort from the fans could turn a school gym into a showcase and source of pride. Phil Rison, Assistant Superintendent

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Montgomery County High School hosts sports, concerts, graduations and community events in its 42,000-sq-ft (3,902-sq-m) gymnasium. When filled to its 5,000-person maximum capacity, overheating quickly became an issue. Even at full force, the HVAC system couldn’t keep guests and spectators cool during the summer. When the weather was colder, the geothermal heating system was wasted, as hot air became trapped near the high ceilings. To add insult to injury, the gym’s old halogen light bulbs dumped even more heat into the space.


The high school installed six Powerfoil®X2.0 fans over the gym’s seating areas to improve comfort. Assistant Superintendent Phil Rison estimates that the fans operate at only 20 percent of maximum speed, yet excel at keeping the facility cool during warmer months. The fans also distribute formerly stagnant hot air throughout the space during winter. Big Ass Fans® are so effective that when seeking a lighting upgrade for the same space, Montgomery County selected Big Ass Light™ High Bay LED fixtures, eliminating the excessive heat generated by the old halogen bulbs.

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