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Case Study: Monday Night Brewing

I never thought I would get this excited about fans. Aesthetically, environmentally and just from an efficiency standpoint the Big Ass Fans are great. I don't think we have turned them off in three years, and we're still cutting costs. Joel Iverson, Operations Guy & Taste-Testing Ninja

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While universally considered the worst day of the week, Mondays are eagerly anticipated at Monday Night Brewing. Touting the bold slogan “Weekends Are Overrated,” it’s no question the brewery draws a crowd any day of the week. But humid Atlanta summers and heavy crowds are a worrisome combination. While most 20,000-sq-ft (1,858-sq-m) spaces require a 40 ton HVAC unit, the brewery relied on half that. Recognizing the size of their facility and associated business costs, the founders sought an economic way to keep staff and patrons comfortable during tours, tastings and socializing hours.


To improve the effectiveness of the HVAC system, management turned to Big Ass Fans®. The brewery installed an elegant 10-ft (3-m) commercial Big Ass Fan for customer comfort; an 8-ft (2-m) portable Big Ass Fan and a massive 24-ft (7-m) Big Ass Fan were selected for the brewhouse. The overhead fans efficiently move large amounts of air at low speeds, keeping air from stagnating, while the portable fan pulls hot air out of the space. “The fans use so little power that we keep them going 24/7,” said self-titled Operations Guy Joel Iverson. “We start every tour with a discussion of the fans.”

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