Atlanta, GA

Case Study: Mellow Mushroom

Essence not only cools off the customers without creating a disturbing draft, but it also looks fantastic out on the patio. It's so big and powerful, and allows us to keep the patio open on the hottest days of the year. The fan has become a real topic of conversation. People remember it. Jim Utting, General Manager

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Pizza chain Mellow Mushroom needed a way to combat the stifling, humid summer air on the restaurant’s patio in Atlanta, Ga. Four small, conventional ceiling fans offered a minimal breeze when operating at high speeds and led to high energy costs, runaway napkins and customer complaints.


Mellow Mushroom installed a custom-painted 12-ft (3.6m) diameter Essence® from Big Ass Fans®. Thanks to the fan’s large size and incredibly efficient motor, Essence moves more air than numerous standard ceiling fans at a fraction of the operating cost. Using its size rather than speed to move air, it doesn’t blow away napkins, bills or other items on tables. Now Mellow Mushroom can keep its patio open even during hot summer days, serving more customers and boosting its bottom line by keeping patrons comfortable.

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