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Case Study: Marion County High School

With the fans, we have no more problem with floor buckling, we have greater comfort and in the winter they help circulate the heat back down. Scott Spalding, Transportation & Maintenance Director

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For 40 years, Marion County High School officials unsuccessfully tried to cool down the non-air conditioned gymnasium with box fans, floor fans and a variety of inefficient air movers. Excessive heat made students and spectators uncomfortable at competitions and ceremonies, and the blistering temperatures and humidity even caused the hardwood floors to warp. “We thought about installing an air conditioning system, but it would cost a fortune,” said Stacy Hall, athletic director.


The school installed two 24-ft (7.3-m) Powerfoil®X fans, custom powder coated in the school’s colors, at the top of the dome above each side of bleachers. By adding airflow to the facility, students and administrators are no longer plagued by unbearable heat in the summer. Additionally, they’ve prevented facility deterioration by keeping steady, constant air circulation in tandem with the exhaust fans. In the winter, hot air trapped at the ceiling level recirculates to the floor, keeping heating costs low and personal comfort high.

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