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Case Study: Luck Stone

We recognized we needed a way to improve the comfort level of the mechanics working in the shop, while being operationally efficient and environmentally conscious too. We tried several different things to bring that heat down here and provide comfort, with limited success. The installation, shipment and delivery of the Big Ass Fan met all expectations, and the fan's performance has drawn rave reviews. Mark Endries, Project Manager

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With a 30-ft. (9.1-m) ceiling and four large bay doors, the Luck Stone Corporation worked hard to keep technicians working on the stone quarry’s large on- and off-road equipment comfortable. In the winter, Luck Stone used waste oil heat and propane to maintain 70°F working conditions, but the heated air was lost once it rose to the ceiling. In the summer, multiple floor fans cluttered the shop floor and provided only localized air movement.


A 20-ft. (6-m) diameter Big Ass Fan® slowly and gently recirculates winter heat, then speeds up to provide air movement to keep technicians comfortable throughout the summer. Luck Stone expects to save enough on propane to pay off the fan within three years, and the fan has made summer working conditions far more comfortable.

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