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Case Study: Lucas Oil Stadium

Big Ass Fans created a dynamic solution, bringing to life what was otherwise just an open volume of nothingness. Jonathan Kelley, HKS lead project architect

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Big spaces can mean big problems for climate control. Lucas Oil Stadium, the home of the Indianapolis Colts, is nothing but big spaces. The concourses around the stadium feature ceiling heights ranging from 26 feet to an astonishing 80 feet. The high ceilings and sporadic, but intense, use of the concourses before and after games made the stadium’s HVAC systems work overtime to keep the areas comfortable for visitors.


HKS Architects installed 26 Big Ass Fans® throughout the concourses around the stadium. Big Ass Fans move large volumes of air to take the strain off HVAC systems, minimizing energy use and keeping costs down. When Big Ass Fans are designed into a space, they can cut down on the amount of ductwork needed, and they look a lot nicer to boot. “When we discovered Big Ass Fans, we instantly knew we had the perfect air movement solution,” says Kelley.

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