Charleston, SC

Case Study: Lowcountry Tech Academy

The computer labs feel 5-7°F (3-4°C) cooler. Not one time since the Big Ass Fans were installed have I heard a complaint about the temperature. Before, it was constant. Sarah Earle, Associate Principal

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Administrators at Lowcountry Tech Academy in Charleston, South Carolina, needed to better regulates temperatures in the school’s second-floor computer labs – both for the sake of student comfort and computer performance. Sarah Earle, associate principal, said heat from the labs’ numerous machines warmed the rooms to intolerable levels. Since teachers had minimal control over thermostats, which are regulated by district personnel, the school sought to relieve overheated educators and students while providing the airflow required to keep the computers humming.


Big Ass Fans® installed several Haiku® fans across many of the school’s computer labs. Haiku proved to be just what the school needed. “With all the tech, a consistent temperature and airflow are really important,” says Earle. Earle notes that the fans quietly, attractively and gently move air through the labs, negating those pesky overheating issues and even overcoming occasional problems with the school’s HVAC system. She says that the fans have worked so well, she’s lobbying to have them installed in the school’s first-floor labs as well.

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