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Case Study: Lexington Tennis Club

Big Ass Fans really listened to what we were trying to do. They were able to offer us a custom solution and we couldn't be happier. The fans not only look cool, but they are functional, too. Ralph Currie, Chief Financial Officer

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With 15 tennis courts spread across three buildings, Lexington Tennis Club struggled to maintain consistent temperatures. The large, open facilities dubbed “barns” were poorly insulated and had large skylights, offering outside conditions an easy path indoors. In the winter, the buildings were too cold, and in the summer, they were too hot. The extreme seasonal temperatures deterred members from playing, leaving management desperate for a year-round comfort solution.


Big Ass Fans® experts surveyed the problems plaguing Lexington Tennis Club and presented a tailored solution. Four Powerfoil®X2.0 fans were installed to ensure consistent temperatures. The fans circulate warm air in the winter and provide a cooling breeze for members in the summer. Additionally, Lexington Tennis Club opted for a SmartSense controller, which automates fan speed based on temperature and environmental conditions, keeping guests comfortable effortlessly.

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