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Case Study: Lexington Hearing & Speech Center

When I heard my classroom was getting fans, I was ecstatic. Haiku is silent, which is so important, and the fans give us the ability to truly control our environment. It made a huge, huge difference, both for the children and the adults. Sally Wright, Teacher

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The aging HVAC system at Lexington Hearing and Speech Center (LHSC) made for unbearably hot temperatures all year. LHSC dealt with insufficient air conditioning, erratic heating, and a lack of individual control that left both teachers and students unhappy and uncomfortable. With year-round classes and students ranging from six weeks to six years old, teachers are active throughout the day—no easy task in an overly warm room. Since many LHSC students are sensitive to even subtle noises, a silent solution to help staff and students feel cooler was vital.


LHSC worked with Big Ass Fans® to install Haiku® fans in several classrooms. Acoustic testing showed that, with the fans running, the background noise level in those rooms increased by an average of only 1 dBA—a difference imperceptible to the human ear. Individual control allows teachers to adjust fans in their rooms to their own comfort levels. Now teachers can enjoy as much air movement as they like, without worrying about interrupting nap time or disturbing students with loud background noises.

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