Lexington, KY

Case Study: Lexington Fire Department

Before, my mechanics had to use stick lights to see the engines. Now, with the cab raised and purposely placed lights, they can see clearly with the LEDs shining down where they need it. Phil Buettner, Battalion Chief

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At the city fire department’s downtown maintenance facility in Lexington, Kentucky, the same old metal halide fixtures had been burning dimly since the mid-1980s. Not only was there a problem with inadequate light, but the halides’ high profile made it difficult to maneuver equipment. The relatively low ceilings in the 1920s-era building meant there was barely enough clearance for the cabs to be raised to get access to the engines. Also, the metal halides’ long warm-up period meant work would have to wait 20-30 minutes for the lights to reach full brightness.


The department installed two-dozen 26,000-lumen Big Ass® Light LED fixtures for its maintenance bay, and the difference has been dramatic. The LEDs are much brighter than the halides, and their lower profile means there’s plenty of clearance for raised cabs. “The lights now shine directly on the engines,” says Battalion Chief Phil Buettner. And there’s no more downtime while they warm up. The department also installed half a dozen 14,000-lumen Low Bay LEDs in other areas, and purchased two portable Black Jack fans. “They really move the air, yet are very quiet,” says Buettner.

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