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Case Study: Lexington Equine Surgery & Sports Medicine

Box fans create air movement, but only in the immediate area. With Big Ass Fans, you feel a breeze at the far end of the building, indicating we're getting better air exchange throughout. Dr. Bill Bernard, Owner

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Just as human patients sometimes contract pneumonia while in the hospital for surgery, a similar predicament befalls horses hospitalized for elective procedures. Keeping horses healthy in his outpatient equine clinic was imperative for Dr. Bill Bernard, owner and manager of Lexington Equine Surgery & Sports Medicine. Rather than using box fans or individual ceiling fans in each stall, Bernard wanted an air movement solution with minimal surfaces to collect dust and dirt in the barn. He also didn’t want staff members to track through each animal’s stall in order to adjust airflow.


A 12-ft (3.7-m) Big Ass Fan® is the perfect fit to circulate air within the facility, keeping horses healthy and cool. The evaporative cooling effect from the large diameter, low speed fan creates comforting air movement throughout the stable that reduces heat stress without irritating the horses. By improving the overall air quality in the facility, the fan also reduces the risk of Salmonella and other nosocomial infections that sick horses may contract.

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