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Case Study: Kentucky Indoor Soccer and Sports

By installing two Powerfoil X Fans, we were able to guarantee player comfort, which is essential to maintaining business. They move a tremendous amount of air, but you're not knocked off your feet by them. It's just perfect. Mary Lynn Walsh, Owner

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With 300 different soccer teams competing in the facility year round, Kentucky Indoor Soccer and Sports was having difficulty ensuring that the players and spectators were comfortable. Owner Mary Lynn Walsh found this especially challenging in the winter when outside temperatures permeate the thin layer of sheet metal and insulation that comprise the building.


Powerfoil®X has made the winter months more comfortable for the occupants by redistributing the warm air collecting at the ceiling level. In the summer, the fans move air gently and efficiently to create an evaporative cooling effect on the skin of the players. The fan has been engineered to endure the hardest working environments: airborne soccer and lacrosse balls do not prevent Powerfoil X from doing its job!

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